CIR’s main clients are Esselunga, Rialto, Bennet and Superemme, which together cover 70% of the total turnover.


Le Fattorie del mare: passion, well-being and sustainability


CIR s.a.r.l. (Compagnie Ittiche Riunite sarl) is born. The operational activity starts immediately in Golfo Aranci using a technology based on rigid floating cages


The company undergoes a radical transformation. The cages are changed to polyethylene, that is still considered the best technology for fish farming in open sea.


The new plant is activated, consisting of a prefabricated structure shed with a covered area of 370 square meters which includes offices, services for personnel, the packing room, refrigerated cells, ice production machines and everything else necessary to deliver a quality product.

The plant has been authorized at EU level since 1994. The company operates according to predefined protocols and has implemented the formalization of controls and analyses to provide the maximum guarantee of quality for the branded product.


In 2002, after two years of commercial collaboration with Esselunga, the CIR-Naturama Supply Chain was established as a product standard, which represents Esselunga’s recognition of the high quality standards achieved. Subsequently, the Bennet Supply Chain program was also implemented to confirm CIR’s high quality standards. The goal of the CIR Supply Chain is to offer a product that, through guaranteed freshness characteristics, maintains the morphological and organoleptic features from the moment of fishing until delivery to the retail market.

Le Fattorie del mare is a brand that encompasses the tenacity of the men who work there, their tough and resolute character typical of the people of Sardinia, the unspoiled nature surrounding the facility; but above all, it is the result of the immense passion that those who run the facility have put into it over these twenty-five years, creating a unique and unrepeatable structure.

For many years, Le Fattorie del mare has been bringing to consumers’ tables a quality, natural product designed for the well-being of all, including the elderly and children.

The company began its adventure in 1992 and is now a well-established entity with numerous strengths. Over the years, the facility has specialized in the production and distribution of a very particular product.

The main strength of the business is represented by nature because of the clear waters, perpetual currents, and the fact of being quite close to the mainland, allowing for very specific and continuous work by all operators.

In these twenty-five years of activity, the company has specialized in creating a short supply chain. It is a fattening plant: here young fishes, generally weighing between thirty and forty grams, are stocked and feeded to maturity. These are much more costly from the perspective of the company’s initial investment, but they allow to shorten the timeframe of entry to the market, and, moreover, they enable a simpler selection at the source.


The sea site consists of 21 floating cages lying on clear waters far from sources of pollution.

The facility is located in a state-owned area in the bay of Golfo Aranci, near the beautiful Cala Moresca to the west of the enchanting island of Figarolo: an ideal environment for farming, sheltered from the force of the sea but with currents that keep it constantly clean and oxygenated.

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